The number seven is closely tied to genius

...or so we've heard.

We're more than capable.

Seven Roots Creative is a new company in name only. For the last 7 years, this team has worked together defining and refining the brand of one of the largest camp and conference centers in the world. Each year our team developed brand strategy, fundraising campaigns, merchandise lines, programatic scripts. We captured video, photography, built stages, signage, adventure advertising, countless design layouts and illustrations to build the brand and enhance the experience for over 100,000 guests each year.

Now, we've decided to share our experience and services beyond camp.

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Our Team

We're just a bunch of hard workers who like to get stuff done.

Murphy Felton

Co-Founder / Writer / Creative Strategist

Angie Sterrett

Co-Founder / Studio Manager

Kevin Deboer

Designer / Photographer

Ruth Nyquist

Designer / Photographer / Filmmaker

Micah Smith

Filmmaker / Barbershop Aficionado

Mattie Schenck

Designer / Illustrator

Josh Bootz

Creative Director

We're here to help make it all happen.

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